NW 1776 Drone Loss Protection Policy

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NW 1776 Drone Loss Protection Policy 4

When using the NW 1776 drone for any activities, we will follow the following policy to ensure the safety of the drone and provide necessary protection measures in case of drone loss.

Handling Lost Drones

If the drone is lost, please immediately notify our online customer service. We will replace or compensate for your drone based on the circumstances of the loss and the purchase time.

Safety Requirements

When using the NW 1776 drone, please adhere to the following safety requirements:

  • Do not fly the drone in densely populated areas or restricted flying zones.
  • Do not exceed the legal height limit for drone flights.
  • Do not fly the drone in no-fly zones or near airports.
  • Do not let the drone go beyond line of sight.
  • During the initial period of 7 days or within 21 flight times of receiving the product, do not fly the drone over the sea or at the beach.

Please read the user manual carefully and comply with the above safety requirements before using the NW 1776 drone. We will not be held responsible for any liabilities arising from improper use of the drone.

Accident TimeProtection MethodCustomer’s ShareApplicable Models
Within 7 daysReplacement10%E88pro, V17
Within 30 daysReplacement30%E88pro, V17
Within 90 daysReplacement50%E88pro, V17
Within 180 daysReplacement60%E88pro, V17
Within 365 daysReplacement80%E88pro, V17


Customer A purchased an E88Pro drone on August 1st, with an order amount of RS4600. The NW 1776 drone was delivered to Customer A’s doorstep on August 2nd. Unfortunately, on August 5th, the drone was lost during flight. Customer A only needs to pay RS460 to obtain a brand new E88Pro drone with the same configuration.

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