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Welcome to NW 1776 online shopping platform’s time-limited promotion, offering up to 50% discount! This event is designed to thank our loyal customers and provide you with an unprecedented shopping experience. Please read the following rules carefully to ensure you can enjoy this unique offer smoothly.

  1. Discount Strength: This event offers a 50% discount, allowing you to enjoy half-price surprises when choosing your favorite items.
  2. Rush Purchase Time: limited time, limited quantity, first come first served.
  3. Event Validity: The discount is only valid on the day of the event and is invalid over time. Please arrange your time reasonably and don’t miss the opportunity.
  4. Limited Quantity Rule: Each product is limited to the first 5 customers to enjoy the discount. Once the limit is reached, the product will be sold at the original price.
  5. Free Delivery: Orders with a total amount (after discount) of RS500 or above will automatically enjoy free delivery service.
  6. Delivery Fee: If the order amount is less than RS500, a delivery fee of RS150 is required. We support group purchases to help you reach the free shipping standard.
  7. Discount Use: Only one product in each order can get a 50% discount. If multiple promotional items are purchased at the same time, the system will automatically calculate the discount for the highest-priced item. Customers only have one chance to get this discount, so please confirm your order meets the usage conditions when placing it.
  8. Payment Method: Please note that this event does not support cash on delivery. All orders need to be paid online at the time of order to ensure you can enjoy the discount smoothly.

Please make sure you follow the above rules during the event to enjoy the discount smoothly. We look forward to your participation and hope you can find exciting good items in this event and enjoy the fun of shopping! If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact our customer service team. Happy shopping!

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