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Simple Work and Free Time

This job is very simple, that is, when you drive or ride a motorcycle or travel or go to work, you can bring my goods to my customers on the way. We will give you a certain amount of remuneration according to your time limit

Our customers are all over Mauritius, in the east, south, west, and north, but not all of them must be delivered by you, you just need to accept the delivery task that matches your travel time and route

Our Compensation Standards

For cars and motorcycles:

It is calculated according to the time limit for your delivery:

1. Goods delivered within 48 hours: Rs50/ticket

2. Goods delivered within 24 hours: Rs70/ticket

3. Goods delivered within 2 hours: Rs100/ticket

The statute of limitations is calculated according to the time span from the time you accept the task until our customer receives the goods. In short, the faster it is delivered to our customers, the higher the return

For cargo trucks:

The transportation remuneration standard for bulk or large cargo is about: Rs300/cubic meter

If you are interested in registering as our part-time driver, please fill out the online form to submit your application.

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