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NW 1776 Online Shopping in Mauritius is an online shopping brand from China. We sell products made in China to customers all over the world through the Internet. We strictly control the quality of products, evaluate suppliers strictly, and provide perfect customer service. We Provide free shipping, 7-day no reason to return, and 1-year free replacement of new products for customers all over the world.

Established our online store on Amazon in 2017
Established our online store in Rue Du Commerce in 2018
Established our online store on Lazada in 2019
Established our online store on Jumia in 2020
2021 Established online store at Walmart

As of the end of 2021, more than 500,000 customers have traded with NW 1776. Among these customers, a 70-year-old grandmother who was an American diplomat stationed in Hong Kong 40 years ago ordered a pair from NW 1776 because she missed the oriental culture. Jade bracelets, and a certain university in Italy bought out all NW 1776’s inventory of party supplies in Italy because of its anniversary celebration, and a customer from Canada who was going to China to attend his Chinese friend’s wedding I ordered a red envelope with Chinese characteristics from NW 1776, and the Filipino lady working in Japan purchased a batch of party supplies from the Japanese business distribution of NW 1776 to be delivered to the Philippines. In these big deals and small ones During the transaction, NW 1776 provided our customers with value-for-money products and high-quality services, and the satisfaction rate of these customers with our products and services exceeded 90%.
Now, NW 1776 has set up more than 40 warehouses around the world, and has set up customer service centers in the United States and Japan

NW 1776 in China not only strives to sell Chinese products to the world, but also sponsors many overseas students from backward African countries. NW 1776 provides them with learning opportunities, trains them how to establish cross-border trade on the Internet, and provides them with short-term Internship job opportunities to finance their studies.

NW 1776 in Mauritius

In 2022 NW 1776 came to Mauritius, in July 2022 we set up an office in Grand Baie, in October the first batch of jewelry arrived in Mauritius by air, in November the first batch of household goods arrived in Port Louis by sea, in December the second batch of furniture Supplies arrived in Port Louis by sea, and the third batch of small household appliances set sail from China in December.


The brand vision of NW 1776 in Mauritius is: “to enrich the products of Mauritius, so that locals and tourists in Mauritius can have the opportunity to use Chinese products of high quality and low price”


The brand mission of NW 1776 in Mauritius is: “In addition to carrying out commercial business in Mauritius, we must also carry out charity work in Mauritius. We want to improve the infrastructure of Mauritius and allow Mauritians to have more job opportunities. Let young people in Mauritius have the opportunity to learn more advanced business models”

In the future, NW 1776 will put part of every transaction in Mauritius into our special fund in Mauritius to help young Mauritians with dreams realize their dreams and improve the infrastructure of Mauritius

NW 1776 in Mauritius is an online shopping
Founding Team of China Headquarters
NW 1776 in Mauritius is an online shopping
China Headquarters Team
NW 1776 in Mauritius is an online shopping
Training African Students in China
NW 1776 in Mauritius is an online shopping
European Marketing Team
NW 1776 in Mauritius is an online shopping
Mauritius Operations Team

Let us go forward in this battle fortified by conviction that those who labour in the service of a great and good cause will never fail.

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