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nw1776 Cooking glass oil bottle, automatic opening and closing seasoning bottle, gravity sensing oil bottle
  • High-quality glass oil dispenser bottles, spill-proof and suitable for containing sauce, avocado, sesame oil, olive oil, vegetable oil, and vinegar.
  • Creative auto open and close spouts that are tightly welded and do not come off easily. The pouring spout can be opened and closed automatically without manual operation, making it super convenient to use.
  • Cooking oil dispenser with automatic closing type pour spout and silicone stopper design, creating a double air-tight seal to prevent oxidation of oil, preserving all the nutrition, flavor, and aroma.
  • Great service commitment. If you have any issues, please feel free to contact us, and we will solve it to your satisfaction.

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NW 1776 Cooking Glass Oil Spray Bottle, Automatic Opening and Closing Seasoning Bottle
​​​​​​​Color: Platinum, gray


PP+ABS+ silicone + sodium-calcium glass

Weight: 340g37937961ec8b69915e9e810f6e2f40b01037937961ec8b69915e9e810f6e2f40b01137937961ec8b69915e9e810f6e2f40b01237937961ec8b69915e9e810f6e2f40b01337937961ec8b69915e9e810f6e2f40b01437937961ec8b69915e9e810f6e2f40b01537937961ec8b69915e9e810f6e2f40b05 137937961ec8b69915e9e810f6e2f40b06 137937961ec8b69915e9e810f6e2f40b0737937961ec8b69915e9e810f6e2f40b0837937961ec8b69915e9e810f6e2f40b09

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Grey, Platinum


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Total sales: 2 pcs.