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NW 1776 Mini Golf Stroke Counter, Dual Dial Design, 2 Players Score Record, Handheld Clicker, 0-99 Manual Count, Practical Chain, Golf Gadgets, Scorekeeper
  • Dual dial design for counting the hits, shots or putts of 2 players at the same time. Convenient for score keeping in competitions and games.
  • 2 separate shot clickers are set on both sides to avoid confusion, making it easier to track the game through the independent scores of strokes.
  • Accurate scoring with automatic scrolling digits from 0 to 9 and then returns to 0 each time you press the controller, recording all your strokes quickly and accurately. No battery required.
  • Small size of the counter allows you to easily hold it with just one hand. Works great in any weather condition.
  • Practical chain to attach the counter to your glove, belt loop or golf bag for easy carrying. Also portable to fit your pocket.
  • 0-99 manual count, convenient for you to accurately record the number of strokes and putts.

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NW 1776 Mini Golf Stroke Counter,Golf Clicker Counter

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